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ZEIT's mission is to make cloud computing as easy and accessible as mobile computing. It builds products for developers and designers, and those who aspire to become one.

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sindresorhus commented Jul 30, 2016

Themes are visual and it's hard to get a feel for them from just a short description, so people would usually end up having to visit them all. Would be nice if the list of themes included a screenshot of each theme. Even better if they were made by scripting HyperTerm programmatically so all screenshots had the same dimensions and content.

For inspiration of how it could look, see https://github.

GuiHash commented Nov 26, 2019


It seems that multiple arguments with object in render breaks cache :

// Make sure objects are stable
const params = useMemo(() => ({ id }), [id])
useSWR(['/api/user', params], query)

If you follow this use case :
id = 1 --> id = 2 --> id = 1
The second id = 1 doesn't have the same key in cache as the first (because params doesn't have the same ref)


hellais commented Apr 19, 2018

It's great the github releases are automatically generated, but as a user of changelogs I find it more useful to just look at a single file instead of having to page through (sometimes) numerous pages of github releases to understand all the changes that happened between the version I was at and the latest.

It would be great if release were to also automatically generate and upda

Enalmada commented Sep 9, 2018

At the bottom of server.js, there are some paths like manifest.html, manifest.appcache, etc that don't resolve. Perhaps they were constructs from older version of next.js? I am totally new to what they might be so if those are there for a reason could you comment why/what we should be doing to benefit from them?

server.get('/sw.js', (req, res) => app.serveStatic(req, res, path.resolve('./.

severo commented Jan 7, 2020


It would be very helpful to have an example of the possible values of the environment variables.

Additional Information


NOW_GITHUB_COMMIT_REPO | The repository of which the commit belongs. For example, when submitting a pull request from a forked repository.

Is it the URL to the

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