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ZEIT's mission is to make cloud computing as easy and accessible as mobile computing. It builds products for developers and designers, and those who aspire to become one.

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chughes87 commented Mar 25, 2020

Bug report

Describe the bug

When testing in IE, I get a white screen when an uncaught exception is thrown rather than the standard error message page or something more user friendly.

To Reproduce

  1. yarn create next-app
  2. Add a throw new Error('boom') to the top of pages/index.js
  3. yarn dev
  4. Observe the difference between IE11 and other browsers

Expected behavi

ahmedelgabri commented Jan 13, 2020

A bit of context, we introduced swr two weeks ago to our codebase. Everything is working fine, but we started to get some reports about some parts of the app being broken in slightly older browsers (Chrome 49, Firefox 59, Edge 18, etc…)

We found out that swr was causing a syntax error in these browsers because webpack by default picked the ESM build (rightly so) but because it's not transp

eterps commented Dec 28, 2019

It doesn't seem to be working if I follow the documentation, I suppose every file and directory has to be carefully named to work? I understand .rb file itself needs to be in an 'api' directory, does the '' file also go there? Or does it have to be named '' specifically?

hellais commented Apr 19, 2018

It's great the github releases are automatically generated, but as a user of changelogs I find it more useful to just look at a single file instead of having to page through (sometimes) numerous pages of github releases to understand all the changes that happened between the version I was at and the latest.

It would be great if release were to also automatically generate and upda

f3l1x commented Jul 31, 2019




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  4. composer.json detection
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