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jonaskuske commented Apr 1, 2020

Bug report

Describe the bug

When running next using Yarn 2 and visiting a page in the browser that doesn't exist, the 404 error page never shows up. Instead it loads forever ("waiting on localhost...") and then eventually errors with ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.

But the terminal shows that the page was compiled:

[ event ] build page: /next/dist/pages/_error
[ wait ]  compiling ...
ahmedelgabri commented Jan 13, 2020

A bit of context, we introduced swr two weeks ago to our codebase. Everything is working fine, but we started to get some reports about some parts of the app being broken in slightly older browsers (Chrome 49, Firefox 59, Edge 18, etc…)

We found out that swr was causing a syntax error in these browsers because webpack by default picked the ESM build (rightly so) but because it's not transp

hellais commented Apr 19, 2018

It's great the github releases are automatically generated, but as a user of changelogs I find it more useful to just look at a single file instead of having to page through (sometimes) numerous pages of github releases to understand all the changes that happened between the version I was at and the latest.

It would be great if release were to also automatically generate and upda

joshuaquek commented Feb 13, 2018

It would be really cool to have a section below in the readme to showcase projects built with RAN, or at least maybe somewhere where people can add links to their projects that they've built with this framework! (SUGGESTION)

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