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Bilge commented Mar 24, 2018

Trying to learn Amp is difficult for someone new to coroutines and async in the context of PHP. Although I appreciate the work that has been done on the documentation so far, I still find it lacking for giving good background to the topic and its use.

For me, it has been helpful to start thinking about the "async context". It seems to me that in Amp, in order to do anything with async you must

adamgfraser commented Sep 7, 2019

This ticket is to implement TestRuntime and TestApp within package test.mock within ZIO Test.

Currently users who want to try the functionality that MockEnvironment offers for testing effects like Console have to either write a ZIO Test test suite or provide the mock environment themselves using methods like ZIO.provide. We can make it even easier for people to use this functionalit

nik-maheshwari commented Aug 15, 2019

So I am reading a large HDFS file in Spark (as tbl_spark, using sparklyr). As converting from tbl_spark to R dataframe is a time consuming process, I am trying to send this conversion step to an R process (using future), while continuing to work with tbl_spark.

I am on Windows, so using multisession as below -
plan(multisession, workers = 2)

Then reading in the file, and u

tresf commented Oct 17, 2018

Placeholder to document fetch API and eventually update wiki and sample with fetch() examples.

Working example, tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge:, reject) => {
 fetch("assets/digital-certificate.txt", {cache: 'no-store', headers: {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'}})
  .then(data => resolve(data.text()));
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