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iravid commented Apr 30, 2020

ZTransducer is an effectful chunk processing function, and thus forms an arrow. We should add the following combinators on it:

  • zipping: (ZTransducer[A, B], ZTransducer[A, C]) => ZTransducer[A, (B, C)]
  • racing: (ZTransducer[A, B], ZTransducer[A, C]) => ZTransducer[A, Either[B, C]] looks problematic to implement currently
  • both: `(ZTransducer[A, C], ZTransducer[B, D]) => ZTr
brainkim commented Apr 24, 2020

If people are going to use onevent props we should probably have them typed to prevent no implicit any errors. Maybe we can take the typings from Preact or something similar? My one concern is that intrinsic elements are already sorta loosely typed (data-attrs can be of type any), and I don’t really see the value of typing intr

HenrikBengtsson commented Apr 29, 2020

Add 'Best Practices For Package Developers using Futures' vignette with instructions on, for instance,

  1. How to test code, e.g. run tests with plan(sequential) and plan(multisession) and don't assume that plan(multicore) is available.

  2. Make sure to shut down PSOCK clusters at the end of examples and package tests, i.e. call plan(sequential) at the end (e.g. #327)

  3. Avoid setti

tresf commented Dec 17, 2019

Placeholder for retiring the dedicated sift.js library.

sift.js was originally written to provide a centralized location for hardware filtering:

  • MAC Address filtering
  • Raw printer filtering
  • Process USB output to human readable formats

Although sift.js is still used as part of QZ Tray (since 2.1), it doesn't get enough changes to make sense a

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