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SVSagi commented Jul 30, 2018

Summary of Problem

Not able to open port with stopbits as 1.5

I am currently building a desktop client using electron, where the COM port receives data correctly for values: baudRate: 2400, dataBits: 7, stopBits: 1.5, parity: 'none'

I found from the node-serialport documentation, stopBits Must be one of these: 1 or 2. But, should 1.5 be supported as well? especially for old & slow

hidde-jan commented Jul 16, 2018

In the README, a CountLoader example is named, but it's not particularly detailed:

CountLoader.for(Shop, :smart_collections).load(context.shop_id),
CountLoader.for(Shop, :custom_collections).load(context.shop_id),

A clear example that demonstrates "You can also batch other stuff, not only load records from a DB" could be very helpful for new users. A great example would be s

wujekbogdan commented May 13, 2019
<Promised :promise="isProductInCart(size)">
  <template v-slot="productInCart">
      v-if="productInCart === true"
      in cart

the isProductInCart() method returns a Promise that resolves to Boolean. I'd like to render the "in cart" text conditionally - depending on the returned valu

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