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leebradley commented Nov 15, 2019

This polyfill is an outdated implementation of the fetch standard.

See this change to the fetch standard in 2017: whatwg/fetch#476

To come back in compliance with the standard, the polyfill needs to stop lowercasing headers, regardless how headers are meant to be interpreted in RFC2616.

Browser implementations such as Chrome are already in compliance and do not low

jlvdh commented Nov 27, 2018

What is the current behavior?

Crawling a website that uses # (hashes) for url navigation does not crawl the pages that use #

The urls using # are not followed.

If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce

Try crawling a website like

What is the motivation / use case for changing the behavior?

Though hashes are not ment to chan

SVSagi commented Jul 30, 2018

Summary of Problem

Not able to open port with stopbits as 1.5

I am currently building a desktop client using electron, where the COM port receives data correctly for values: baudRate: 2400, dataBits: 7, stopBits: 1.5, parity: 'none'

I found from the node-serialport documentation, stopBits Must be one of these: 1 or 2. But, should 1.5 be supported as well? especially for old & slow

cdvv7788 commented Nov 24, 2019

Just some feedback from a newcomer.
I am having issues getting started with the setup. I tried running several of the examples provided in the code, but I just ended up getting .map or .pipe does not exist. Also, the examples are for documenting the API, not for specific use cases (events, fetching a json, basic things, etc).
The main Readme is more focused on what fluture can do, and what

azu commented Oct 12, 2019

新しくセクションを追加してPromise.allSettledについて解説を入れる。 の後あたり。

stevecrozz commented Dec 13, 2019

I want to use GraphQL::Batch to load arguments for running mutations and it's not clear to me from reading the documentation if it is safe for me to use GraphQL::Batch.batch wherever I feel the need in my application. The note in the documentation refers only to using this in unit tests.

Can you provide clarification on whether GraphQL::Batch.batch can be safely used outside the test environmen

Seminioni commented Dec 1, 2019


After recent update on latest typescript's (3.7.2) version I met following error. It happened on node 10.15.3 if it's important. Before update I used typescript (3.6.3) and vue-promised worked like a charm with it. Btw, it works similarly right now except below error.

<img width="1440" alt="изображение" src="

barnesicle commented Mar 12, 2019

There is no documentation on how to set a timeout with the on function. I was looking through the code and can not seem to find it. I think there was before. It looks like this with removed with the removal of the global config in one of the later versions. I get "No ack for postMessage myEventName in http://localhost:8080 in 2000ms".

Please let me know if there is a way to set this timeout va

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