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jameslamb commented Sep 29, 2019

One unit test in the R package is currently broken. Steps to reproduce on Mac

export CXX=/usr/local/bin/g++-8 CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc-8
Rscript build_r.R
cd R-package/tests
Rscript testthat.R

This results in the following error at the ends of the logs

[LightGBM] [Info] Saving data to binary file /var/folders/xq/wktq4zdx4jd3qdpk34d28m940000gn/T//RtmpiY1DzV/lgb.Dataset_1555
cgohlke commented Dec 5, 2019


on my Windows workstation with >1200 pip installed packages, import numba is very slow:

py -3.7-64 -X importtime -c "import numba"
import time: self [us] | cumulative | imported package
import time:   3069020 |    3235357 |           pkg_resources
import time:      2526 |    3237883 |         numba.entrypoints
import time:     31084 |    4448066 | numba

The culprit is h

1000i100 commented Oct 12, 2018

I use git-bash (like probably nearly all windows npm user).
if i run mkdir -p plop it create me plop folder if not existant and do nothing if it exist.
if i do the same as npm task or with npm-run-all it create me -p folder and plop if they don't exist and fail if there already there.

is'nt possible to use git-bash command in priority when available ?

twolodzko commented Jan 15, 2020

As a user/researcher I would like to easily be able to find information on what kind of algorithm stands behind optuna, to be able to make informed decision on using it in my work. Currently main page says only that it does "Bayesian optimization".

As a user I would like to see detailed documentation about the algorithm behind the Study.optimize method, when I check the documentation page for

mikegray commented Jun 13, 2019

Version of Singularity:


Expected behavior

Some progress or update information during the creation of the SIF file.

Actual behavior

During "Creating SIF file..." step, the console does not produce any visible output for the user - but does create the resulting file eventually.

Steps to reproduce behavior

I was executing a few “larger” builds through the bui

niklasnolte commented Jan 18, 2019

the correct result of the example in Vc::iif should be [2,1,1,5] (if i understood it correctly)
and I am not sure whether the code example in Vc::simd_for_each is correct, therefore I did not make a PR.

void scale(std::vector<double> &data, double factor) {
  Vc::simd_for_each(data.begin(), data.end(), [&](auto v) {
     v *= factor;

If one gets v by value, it chang

bhaweshintouch commented Mar 26, 2019

Getting error on simple example steps.
host_config = {'' : {'user': 'ubuntu', 'private_key': load_private_key(
hosts = host_config.keys()
client = ParallelSSHClient(hosts, host_config=host_config)
output = client.run_command('pwd')

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