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Node.js is a tool for executing JavaScript in a variety of environments. JavaScript had humble beginnings as a language that lived only in web browsers, but the Node.js project has expanded its reach and helped make it the most popular programming language in the world. Node.js extends the creative potential of people with web development experience, enabling a new generation of developers to create servers, command-line tools, desktop apps, and even robots.

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sadokmtir commented Jan 21, 2020

I think it is worth mentioning that the solution stated Catching unresolved and rejected promises is not always valid. what I mean is that if a promise is caught on a later turn of the Node.js event loop, then probably throwing an error on this global catch is not a good idea. I am wondering how this is counted as best practice while obviously from the node official documentation it should

MastroLindus commented Feb 24, 2020

Some of the issues below are already mentioned in other tickets, but I have the feeling that a proper generic issue is due to give it visibility, as for now the current package is unusable for many users.

  1. The typescript package doesn't respect the tsconfig flags, and many of them are hardcoded inside the meteor/babel package.
    I understand that meteor needs to control some compilation option
alexguo503 commented Nov 1, 2019

注意:这里只处理 的相关问题,不处理 w3cschool 的任何问题

注意:请不要乱开无意义的 Issue,违者直接加黑名单

注意:Issue 是用来处理代码库中的 bug,不是用来提问题的。完成挑战过程中遇到的代码问题请在gitter 讨论组 或者 QQ 群 526289580 中讨论 (QQ 群验证答案: freeCodeCamp 注意大小写) Issue 模板


  • 尽可能多填些相关信息,方便管理员参考
  • 对于无法给出的内容,请删除掉那一行

以上内容请在提交 Issue 之前删除


  • 浏览器名称,版本号
  • 操作系统
raguay commented Jan 4, 2020

NWJS Version : 0.43.3
Operating System : macos 10.14

Expected behavior

Launching nwjs should just show the main window. It should not be actively scanning the network.

Actual behavior

It shows the main window and pings every subnet address in my network. Little Snitch shows:
IP Addresses:
UDP Port: mdns (5353)
Protocol: U

formerandroider commented Dec 18, 2019

Issue Summary

In Safari 13.0.4 on macOS 10.15.2, the 'Upload routes YAML' button triggers a file browser that only allows selection of files ending in .yml. These are not accepted by the application, which requires a .yaml extension. This results in routes not being uploadable with Safari.

To Reproduce

  1. In Safari, click the 'Upload routes YAML' button in Labs.

This doesn'

feross commented Sep 14, 2019

Putting default parameter at last allows function calls to omit optional tail arguments.

// Correct: optional argument can be omitted
function createUser(id, isAdmin = false) {}

// Incorrect: optional argument can **not** be omitted
function createUser(isAdmin = false, id) {}
createUser(undefined, "tabby")
icleolion commented Jan 16, 2020

parseISO v2 documentation currently states

The previous parse implementation was renamed to parseISO.

parse v2 documentation currently states

Old parse was renamed to toDate. Now parse is a new function which parses a string using a provided format.

I think considering the sentence is to divert people who have previously been using v1 parse to the correct v2 equivalent, it only

langpavel commented Oct 24, 2017

Too wide (and falsy) segregation of GraphQL Types and Resolvers

The first example of this is new ObjectType in src/data/queries/index.js importing fields.
Fields should be taken in context of parent type, not as standalone information.

This can ensure some users that custom types cannot have own field resolvers which is false.

In fact, much of fields which can have own resolvers

outsideris commented Oct 5, 2019

If specify non-existed file with --file option, mocha throw expection.

./bin/mocha --file non-existed
      else throw err

Error: Cannot find module '/Users/mocha/non-existed'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:582:15)
    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:508:25
lovell commented Apr 21, 2015

As suggested by @jcupitt in #19.

You could also consider taking a histogram of L* and setting the range to 1% and 99%, ie. letting the top 1% and the bottom 1% over- and under-expose. This would make it less sensitive to noise and probably produce a more pleasing image in more cases.

vips_percent() does almost this, you'd swap your vips_stats() for this code:

Created by Ryan Dahl

Released May 27, 2009

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