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Node.js is a tool for executing JavaScript in a variety of environments. JavaScript had humble beginnings as a language that lived only in web browsers, but the Node.js project has expanded its reach and helped make it the most popular programming language in the world. Node.js extends the creative potential of people with web development experience, enabling a new generation of developers to create servers, command-line tools, desktop apps, and even robots.

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feross commented Sep 14, 2019

Current rule:

"computed-property-spacing": ["error", "never"],

Proposed rule:

"computed-property-spacing": ["error", "never", { "enforceForClassMembers": true }],

By default, this rule does not check class declarations and class expressions,
as the default value for enforceForClassMembers is false.


samcoenen commented Mar 11, 2019

Looks closely related to #779

I'm submitting a...

[ ] Regression
[x] Bug report
[ ] Feature request
[ ] Documentation issue or request
[ ] Support request => Please do not submit support request here, instead post your question on Stack Overflow.

Current behavior

Middleware is being called for every endpoint a request route could potentially match.

jackHedaya commented Oct 16, 2019


Scrolling to the top of the page stops before the entire frame is visible.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 4 49 31 PM


  • Are you nativefying a public website? Yes:
  • Feature request? Have you looked at nativefier --help to see if an existing op
ibc commented Jan 18, 2019

The README says almost nothing about how to deal with native modules:

Native addons (.node files) use is supported, but packaging .node files inside the executable is not resolved yet. You have to deploy native addons used by your project to the same directory as the executable.

When a package, that contains a native module, is being installed, the native module is compiled against curr

Created by Ryan Dahl

Released May 27, 2009


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