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kschoenrock-iw commented Apr 14, 2020

I have created a serverless project for python on AWS, which works fine... until I try to re-use the project directly after checkout. Any CLI command exits with the following error:

 sls help
 Serverless Error ---------------------------------------
  Serverless plugin "serverless-python-requirements" not found. Make sure it's installed and listed in the "plugins" section of your ser
dorongold commented Sep 11, 2019


Currently Kong supports writing configuration in a file, in YAML or JSON.
To provide a more flexible configuration, especially for those running Kong in different environments (dev, staging, production), an option to write configuration in lua can be very useful.

Additional Details

There are many use-cases that come to mind:

  • Using environment variables inside the d
ghost commented Sep 18, 2019

Issue Description

I updated echo in one of my projects. After that my static configuration didn't work without changes. Before it automatically resolved to an existing index.html. After that I had to point to that file.

My code was something like that:

docsGroup := e.Group("")
docsGroup.Static("/", "docs")

In docs is an index.html which was delivered when no path was given

jsbxyyx commented Sep 26, 2019

Why you need it?

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe in details
increase rm-datasource module test coverage

How it could be?

A clear and concise description of what you want to happen. You can explain more about input of the feature, and output of it.

Other related information

Add any other context or screenshots about the feature request here.

zestloveheart commented Apr 23, 2020

在2.3 使用 tarscloud/framework 部署框架中

  1. 启动框架从节点

如果希望多节点部署, 则在不同机器上执行 docker run ...即可, 注意参数设置!


docker run -d \
    --name=tars-framework-slave \
    --net=tars \
    -e MYSQL_HOST="" \
    -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD="123456" \
    -e MYSQL_USER=root \
    -e MYSQL_PORT=3306 \
    -e REBUILD=false \
    -e INET=eth0 \
edlefebvre commented Dec 10, 2019


  • I am running the latest version. (up upgrade)
  • I searched to see if the issue already exists.
  • I inspected the verbose debug output with the -v, --verbose flag.
  • Are you an Up Pro subscriber?


It would be great to add regex capabilities to redirects like so:

redirects: {
  "/folder/:slug(regexhere)": {
    "location": "https
artursouza commented Dec 3, 2019

Current behavior

Issue: Windows + minikube + MinGW + GitBash + make (gets stuck)

asouza@ASOUZA-DESKTOP MINGW64 /c/Code/dapr/dapr (master)
$ make test-e2e-all
DAPR_TEST_NAMESPACE=dapr-tests DAPR_TEST_TAG=dev DAPR_TEST_MINIKUBE_IP= go test -v -tags=e2e ./tests/e2e/...

Workaround: see how I had to manually run the same command but set t

A1Liu commented Mar 8, 2020

Describe the feature
I'd like to be able to document multiple different APIs separately in the same Javalin application. I.e. have 3 handlers go to doc A, and have another 3 handlers go to doc B.

Additional context
The purpose of this feature request is API versioning; I'd like to version my API, and have separate docs for each version.

sltsm commented Dec 2, 2019

I went through the documentation and couldn't find anything about using imgproxy with a SPA framework like vue. Are there any examples or guides on this?

If I understand correctly imgproxy is ment to be used serverside because of the encryption aspect. Would love to know about any best practices on how to implement it in a SPA scenario.

Thank you

rafaelsq commented Jan 10, 2018
$ docker run --rm -p 9000:9000 h2non/imaginary -enable-url-source
$ curl http://localhost:9000/smartcrop?width=31&height=31&type=webp&url=
{"message":"Error while processing the image: shrink: parameter vshrin
concaf commented Mar 30, 2020

Docs CI fails to generate previews when an external contributor opens a PR.

./.ci/pr-build-website-preview: line 24: GH_TOKEN: unbound variable
The command "./.ci/pr-build-website-preview master" exited with 1.
quanwenqi2 commented Apr 13, 2020

Issue Description

Type: feature request

Describe what happened (or what feature you want)

chaosblade是一款覆盖面很广的故障注入测试工具,因此我希望引入此软件对 K8s Paas平台进行测试,但是发现只能针对特定的pod进行故障注入(delete pod或者pod cpu负载等),没有其他针对Paas 的chaos工具(Powerfulseal、Chaos-mesh等)拥有在规定时间内随机等delete 规定分区下的po

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