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simsketch commented Dec 26, 2019

Bug Report

Per the instructions on the dashboard

I attempted to set the org and app names via the command line.

serverless login <-- this command worked

serverless —org [username] —app [application name]

which returns Serverless command -org not found.

I have never set the org or

zjinlei commented Feb 27, 2020

Why you need it?

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe in details
English: When a connection is set to autocommit=false, the branch transaction cannot be retried if a global lock conflict occurs.

Chinese: 当连接设置为autocommit = false时,如果发生全局锁定冲突,则无法重试分支事务。

How it could be?

A clear and concise description of what you want to happen. You can explain more about inp

xiejiashuai commented Mar 3, 2020

1 线程数并不支持集群限流,但是在页面上却可以新增出来支持集群限流的线程数规则来
2 QPS集群限流目前并不支持关联限流、链路限流,但是页面上却可以进行新增
3 QPS集群限流所有模式下并不支持warmup/排队等候等,但是页面上却可以进行新增

yaron2 commented Dec 30, 2019

Dapr currently supports transactions for stateful operations, but only for actors.

It would be useful to allow applications of any kind to leverage the power of transactions for state operations.

This is a relatively low hanging fruit, and centers around creating a new API that allows key/value operations to leverage transactions in addition to the current API that mandates an actor type and

thatisuday commented Jan 10, 2018

I appreciate your hardwork and this seems to be a very promising upcoming framework for creating microservices. I have tried Senecajs and I didn't quite like the architecture.

On other hand, moleculer is great but I still didn't get how to use it in production. Here are following use cases.

  • How am I supposed to start a service and keep it running in background. Like pm2 does. What are
sltsm commented Dec 2, 2019

I went through the documentation and couldn't find anything about using imgproxy with a SPA framework like vue. Are there any examples or guides on this?

If I understand correctly imgproxy is ment to be used serverside because of the encryption aspect. Would love to know about any best practices on how to implement it in a SPA scenario.

Thank you

alen19082062 commented Feb 11, 2019

mercyblitz, 你好!
我在看B站视频, 在节目 tech-weekly 第十五期中 ,没有看到对应的例子程序,
目录是: tech-weekly\2019.01.04「小马哥技术周报」- 第十五期《Apache Dubbo 微服务系列之 Dubbo 与 Spring Cloud 整合》\dubbo-samples\dubbo-spring-cloud-samples\dubbo-spring-cloud-consumer-sample\src\main\ ,只有配置文件,几个目录都是这样。
请问是否没有上传或是在其他的地方? 请帮忙看一下,谢谢了!


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