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juuyan commented Dec 12, 2019

Bug Report

This is not related to the framework per se. And I guess most of users won't experience this... But I am being forced to check this new service and cannot use other resources in the website, e.g. docs, blogs......

For the promotion purpose, I think it is better to use a pop up modal.


  1. What did you do?
    I opened the website of serverless.

  2. What happened?

rhuss commented Dec 16, 2019

This issue is more a feedback report than a call-for-action, but let me share my experience with Traefik 2's documentation which is summarised (situation-based, a bit too catchy probably) in

My use case is to use Traefik as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller on bare metal with Let's Encrypt support. Guess this is a critical use case, even when

ccampbell commented Oct 8, 2019

Issue Description

Starting in version 4.1.7 the colors no longer show up in the middleware.Logger output for ${status}. I suspect this is because of #1336.

(Note that the output in the command line of the echo version number in my screenshots seems to have been off by one. Probably related to 09d415cefca8c1d470a80566f344d98652ba5728.)


  • Dependencies installed
ppj19891020 commented Jan 16, 2020
  • I have searched the issues of this repository and believe that this is not a duplicate.

Ⅰ. Issue Description

Seata 1.0.0正式包,TCC模式压力测试长时间测试,差不多压力1个多小时之后,突然tm端与server端rpc通信超时导致所有的请求都失败。


测试场景:spring cloud中模拟调用订单和库存服务。

Ⅱ. Describe what happened

If there is an except

Terry-Mao commented May 20, 2019




service Demo {
	rpc SayHello (HelloReq) returns (.google.protobuf.Empty);
	rpc SayHelloURL(HelloReq) returns (HelloResp) {
        option (google.api.http) = {
davidmc24 commented Oct 17, 2019


  • I am running the latest version. (up upgrade)
  • I searched to see if the issue already exists.
  • I inspected the verbose debug output with the -v, --verbose flag.
  • Are you an Up Pro subscriber?


TLDR: in the javaGradle support in runtimes.go, both the build and clean hooks should check for the availability of the gradle wrapper.

gizmodus commented May 8, 2019

Hey Cube.Js team!
I get the following yarn warnings when installing dependencies. Can these be fixed? Thank you.

warning @cubejs-backend/server-core > @cubejs-backend/schema-compiler > joi@14.3.1: This module has moved and is now available at @hapi/joi. Please update your dependencies as this version is no longer maintained an may contain bugs and security issues.

warning @cubejs-backe
inhere commented Jul 12, 2019

官方正式开启 Swoft 案例搜集,如果您的公司或项目正在使用 Swoft,欢迎您提供使用案例,我们将会显示到 官网上,让更多用户了解。



  1. 案例数据模板 JSON
  "name": "project name",
  "company": "company name",
  "releaseDate": "2018-05-24",
  "coverUrl": "cover image url",
  "siteUrl": "official website url",
  "logoUrl": "your logo url[REQUIRED]",
thatisuday commented Jan 10, 2018

I appreciate your hardwork and this seems to be a very promising upcoming framework for creating microservices. I have tried Senecajs and I didn't quite like the architecture.

On other hand, moleculer is great but I still didn't get how to use it in production. Here are following use cases.

  • How am I supposed to start a service and keep it running in background. Like pm2 does. What are
sltsm commented Dec 2, 2019

I went through the documentation and couldn't find anything about using imgproxy with a SPA framework like vue. Are there any examples or guides on this?

If I understand correctly imgproxy is ment to be used serverside because of the encryption aspect. Would love to know about any best practices on how to implement it in a SPA scenario.

Thank you

alen19082062 commented Feb 11, 2019

mercyblitz, 你好!
我在看B站视频, 在节目 tech-weekly 第十五期中 ,没有看到对应的例子程序,
目录是: tech-weekly\2019.01.04「小马哥技术周报」- 第十五期《Apache Dubbo 微服务系列之 Dubbo 与 Spring Cloud 整合》\dubbo-samples\dubbo-spring-cloud-samples\dubbo-spring-cloud-consumer-sample\src\main\ ,只有配置文件,几个目录都是这样。
请问是否没有上传或是在其他的地方? 请帮忙看一下,谢谢了!

stevehu commented Jan 12, 2017

We have a mask module to mask sensitive data from header, query parameter, path parameter and body. It works with JSON object with JSON Path with configuration. With the introduction of Body module that parses body of application/json to list or map, we need to update the mask module to work with list and map. Regarding to traverse the list or map, here is an example.


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