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JorisPhilipsen commented Jan 20, 2021

Use case description

I was wondering if it would be possible to add the enabled boolean flag to the API key settings in the serverless.yml file.

Proposed solution

My proposal would be creating something like this:

  name: aws
    - name: ${self:provider.stage}-test-a
      description: Api key test a
      enabled: true
    - name: ${self:provid
jsbxyyx commented Sep 26, 2019

Why you need it?

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe in details
increase rm-datasource module test coverage

How it could be?

A clear and concise description of what you want to happen. You can explain more about input of the feature, and output of it.

Other related information

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glsutter commented Dec 8, 2020

Issue Description


Describe what happened (or what feature you want)

Trying to evaluate ChaosBlade as an option for resiliency testing. But I'm not sure if this is a feature request or a question. Actually, two questions:

  • Does ChaosBlade support Azure, or can it be extended to support Azure?
  • Can ChaosBlade inject failures into a Platform as a Service (Pa

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