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str225 commented Apr 21, 2020

Description of the problem or steps to reproduce

I was trying to replace the gcc linting for clang with custom flags by customizing the linter through a custom plugin (mostly to see how it works).
I first tried to use the linter.removeLinter function (that isn't documented in the readme but is in the source code) and it didn't disabled the gcc linting. For disabling the gcc linter one has to

quexer commented Oct 16, 2019


We're using etcdv3 with a self-signed cert. so we can't use the default micro binary although etcdv3 support has been built in since v1.11.0

Is there any approach to access it without rebuilding the micro binary?

If the rebuild is needed, where should I put the "tls.Config initialize" code?

micro version: 1.11.0


refer, #210 #178


It seems mi

menasheh commented Oct 10, 2017

The English in the documentation is very not good. As a beginner to golang and nano, I'm having a lot of trouble understanding it.

While handling a message, the handler will receive two arguments, session corresponding a client and a message is the payload of this request that unmarshals by nano automatically.

While handling a message, the handler will receive two arguments, a session

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