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hb-chen commented Nov 21, 2019

Such as graphic, have 3 network gateway-a-1 gateway-a-2 gateway-a-3. Multi network within the same DC just broadcast it's directly connected network‘s routes.In this way, any call can only have a maximum of 2 routes to access the services of other DC.

gateway go.micro.srv.s-2 routes
gateway-a-1 gateway-b gateway-a-2 gateway-a-3
gateway-a-2 gateway-a-1 ~~ga
quexer commented Oct 16, 2019


We're using etcdv3 with a self-signed cert. so we can't use the default micro binary although etcdv3 support has been built in since v1.11.0

Is there any approach to access it without rebuilding the micro binary?

If the rebuild is needed, where should I put the "tls.Config initialize" code?

micro version: 1.11.0


refer, #210 #178


It seems mi

tetravalence commented Dec 2, 2019

In Get Started the following methods are undefined: OnSessionClosed, Register, SetSerializer, EnableDebug.

undefined: nano.OnSessionClosed
undefined: nano.Register
undefined: nano.SetSerializer
undefined: nano.EnableDebug

Then the example uses methods from both chat and cluster packages without import them.

doubleycn commented Dec 6, 2019

i change micro code for consul:

package main

import (
	consulapi ""

func main() {

	consulconf := consulapi.DefaultConfig()
	consulconf.Token = os.Getenv("CONSUL_TOKEN")
	consulconf.Address = os.Getenv("CONSUL_ADDRESS")
	reg := co
sean-roberts commented Jan 12, 2017

Lots of useful information can be logged out to the user but that should only be provided in the debugging context. So, allow for a --debug option that will allow writes out. Have the services modules point to a reusable logging component. On init, we will tell that logging component if it should echo out the proceeding logs to the console.

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