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novemberborn commented Sep 15, 2019

#1947 landed a new t.try() assertion. It's experimental, one of the reasons for which is that we don't have documentation yet.

We need to document the assertion, how to use it and what the edge cases are.

Apologies for how bare this issue is — happy to elaborate more if you're looking to contribute this 😍

Aaronontheweb commented Sep 26, 2019

Version: N/A

For users who are interested in using Akka.Persistence.Query, CQRS, EventSourcing, projections, and so forth - the only practical way to combine data from multiple persistent entities without knowing in advance what those entity IDs are is to use Akka.Persistence.Query's EventsByTag queries.

Unfortunately, if you start writing to Akka.Persistence without using any tags at all,

headius commented Oct 3, 2019

It appears in Ruby 2.2 a change by @nobu modified the logic to just call String#index when passing a String to String#gsub, rather than always using a Regexp object and paying the cost to compile it every time.

We still do the old behavior, making this form of gsub slower than it could be.

rvm truffleruby do ruby bench_gsub.rb 
Warming up --------------------------------------
neko-kai commented Sep 27, 2019

According to IOEmptyRaceBenchmark in benchmarks, ZIO.race is currently noticeably slower than Monix and Cats Effect IO Race's. On my machine:

[info] Benchmark                                (size)   Mode  Cnt    Score     Error  Units
[info] IOEmptyRaceBenchmark.catsEmptyRace         1000  thrpt   10  315.196 ± 398.678  ops/s
[info] IOEmptyRaceBenchmark.monixEmptyRace        1000  th
nalzok commented Apr 5, 2019

Hi there!

I found this framework interesting and promising due to its handy API syntax. However, the documentation somewhat confuses me. Well, this is unsurprising because I'm not an expert in Web development anyway. Actually, I have received little formal education in CS, but I know the very basics of TCP thanks to [Beej's Guide to Network Programming](

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