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moon0326 commented Aug 29, 2018

Please answer these questions before submitting your issue. Thanks!

  1. What did you do? If possible, provide a recipe for reproducing the error.

read Chinese and English documentation

  1. What did you expect to see?

I expected to find best practice for production usage

  1. What did you see instead?


  1. What version of Swoole are you using (php --ri swoole)?


StephenOTT commented Sep 22, 2019

I cannot seem to find documentation about the magical usage of ReplyException.class for the event bus. I came across it from looking at the ServiceProxy code.

This exception seems to be HUGELY important to sane usage of the event bus for what is considered a successful response from the event bus...

typically you would have to write:

if (handler.succeeded(){
... write your add
hgzimmerman commented Dec 10, 2019


I'm submitting a feature request

So with a 1.0.0 release in the foreseeable future, it seems like a reasonable course of action to address any missing features, code-structure issues, or subtle bugs before that is released. Thankfully, many of these problems have been annotated with TODO.

I suggest that

mistergibson commented Jan 12, 2020

/opt/jruby- warning: constant Gem::ConfigMap is deprecated
NOTE: Gem::Specification#rubyforge_project= is deprecated with no replacement. It will be removed on or after 2019-12-01.
Gem::Specification#rubyforge_project= called from /opt/jruby-

So, it seems an upd

Zyl9393 commented Jul 13, 2019

Gamma correction is among the things most often done wrong by graphics programming novices. It's almost as bad as missing scene-related color transforms and linear volume sliders in the average video game. The code example in the readme should definitely mention to adjust.Gamma(img, 1/2.2) before doing any color mixing and adjust.Gamma(img, 2.2) before saving back to file (for as long as _bild

tinco commented Oct 15, 2019

Hi, I'm not sure if more platforms are interesting to you, but I've made a slightly more complete implementation of padding a struct to the cache line size here:

I got the information on the cache line sizes from the Go compiler repository, so I'm pretty sure these are correct for all platforms Go runs on, which is a whole bunch.

ceki commented Nov 19, 2019

It's not easy to understand what the code generators under jctools-build are supposed to do. I think one or two phases documenting their goal would be useful.

I am proposing to document these classes:

nalzok commented Apr 5, 2019

Hi there!

I found this framework interesting and promising due to its handy API syntax. However, the documentation somewhat confuses me. Well, this is unsurprising because I'm not an expert in Web development anyway. Actually, I have received little formal education in CS, but I know the very basics of TCP thanks to [Beej's Guide to Network Programming](

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