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moon0326 commented Aug 29, 2018

Please answer these questions before submitting your issue. Thanks!

  1. What did you do? If possible, provide a recipe for reproducing the error.

read Chinese and English documentation

  1. What did you expect to see?

I expected to find best practice for production usage

  1. What did you see instead?


  1. What version of Swoole are you using (php --ri swoole)?


InfoSec812 commented Mar 20, 2020




When attempting to use Future.otherwise and Future.recover it was not clear what the intended differences were meant to be.

Do you have a reproducer?

No, N/A


I intend to submit a PR with a proposed update to the JavaDocs and perhaps the Vert.x documentation in order to make the use of these methods more clear in a broader context

jan-johansson-mr commented Feb 29, 2020


The documentation for Orleans Transactions is somewhat small, but it's an interesting field so I'd be happy to see more documentation later on. However, for now I'll try to make some suggestions and let's see if they make sense.

First of when working with transactions, I'm used to some node starting the transaction scope and then somewhen either commit or rollback the transaction, e.g. u

skrap commented Feb 4, 2020

Issue description

In writing rust zmq bindings for tokio, the question came up about when zmq_send and zmq_recv might return EAGAIN when passed the ZMQ_DONTWAIT flag in a multipart message. The implication of the high water mark documentation is that it will only return EAGAIN on the first part of the multipart message, but I couldn't find it explicitly stated anywhere that this

mandreyel commented Feb 17, 2019

Not sure if this should be an issue but I was reading the docs and then followed the link to the example's code on github and noticed that they differed. Which is considered more up-to-date (and thus the best practice)?

jonasoberschweiber commented Jul 6, 2019


JRuby version is jruby (2.5.3) 2019-04-09 8a269e3 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 25.121-b13 on 1.8.0_121-b13 +jit [darwin-x86_64]
Operating System is Darwin jobembp.local 18.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 18.6.0: Thu Apr 25 23:16:27 PDT 2019; root:xnu-4903.261.4~2/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

Expected Behavior

Since Java::JavaPackage is a Module:

Zyl9393 commented Jul 13, 2019

Gamma correction is among the things most often done wrong by graphics programming novices. It's almost as bad as missing scene-related color transforms and linear volume sliders in the average video game. The code example in the readme should definitely mention to adjust.Gamma(img, 1/2.2) before doing any color mixing and adjust.Gamma(img, 2.2) before saving back to file (for as long as _bild

tinco commented Oct 15, 2019

Hi, I'm not sure if more platforms are interesting to you, but I've made a slightly more complete implementation of padding a struct to the cache line size here:

I got the information on the cache line sizes from the Go compiler repository, so I'm pretty sure these are correct for all platforms Go runs on, which is a whole bunch.

ceki commented Nov 19, 2019

It's not easy to understand what the code generators under jctools-build are supposed to do. I think one or two phases documenting their goal would be useful.

I am proposing to document these classes:

softinio commented Mar 5, 2020

Docusaurus has blog functionality. So my idea is we add it and use it similar to:

Content we should add to the blog:

  • Copy of releases notes
  • Newsletter content: Maybe actually have the newsletter content here and email sent is a copy or a link to our blog as an idea
  • Write blogs related to new functionality
  • Invite outside contributors to add n
onsails commented Dec 16, 2019

There is a SYSTEM.dead_letters children which RefAddr is used as a signature for all anonymous sends. All messages sent back to those messages will be logged by it.
Next step is to send all failed-to-deliver message to the dead-letters.

Should be easy to implement and possibly also get rid of Result as a return type for sends. Result OK does not mean that message will be delivered especial

nalzok commented Apr 5, 2019

Hi there!

I found this framework interesting and promising due to its handy API syntax. However, the documentation somewhat confuses me. Well, this is unsurprising because I'm not an expert in Web development anyway. Actually, I have received little formal education in CS, but I know the very basics of TCP thanks to [Beej's Guide to Network Programming](

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