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ciclonite commented Aug 6, 2019

OS : Windows 10 PRO
IDE : VS2019 Community
When i try to install dependencies this error was logged on vcpkg vcpkg :
[1/2] cmd /c "cd .. && "C:/Users/x/vcpkg/downloads/tools/cmake-3.14.0-windows/cmake-3.14.0-win32-x86/bin/cmake.exe" "C:/Users/x/vcpkg/buildtrees/gflags/src/v2.2.2-d9283b9285" "-DGFLAGS_REGISTER_BUILD_DIR:BOOL=OFF" "-DGFLAGS_REGISTER_INSTALL_PREFIX:BOOL=OFF" "-DBUILD_gflags_no

rightaway commented Mar 22, 2020

What is the .timeout attribute in the documentation? It's listed there with no additional text.

What is the default value for timeout setting?

What happens if timeout value is exceeded and throwOnTimeout is false? Will it just be removed silently from the queue? In this case would it be possible to have a onTimeout callback to be notified when a timeout is exceeded so that we know

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