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mbican commented Mar 16, 2019

In documentation about sagas there is this thing about storing saga-id into event metadata. It looks intuitive but it doesn't work out of the box :-(. I would like to make it work. Here is how:

  1. from PublishAsync pass sagaId and saga type name into ICommandBus.PublishAsync()
  2. overload ICommandBus.PublishAsync() so it takes an extra argument eventMetadata
  3. pass event metadata to IAggregate
IgorStauder commented Nov 21, 2019

bug in when_all_ready() example:

task<> example2()
// Unpack and handle each result individually once they're all complete.
for (int i = 0; i < 1000; ++i)
>>> std::string& record = tasks[i].result();
should be
std::string& record = resultTasks[i].result();

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