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slikts commented Sep 12, 2018

Chapter in question:

The suggestion seems to be that the template literals would be all about strings; there's only examples that result in strings, and phrases like "final string value" and "generating the string from the literal" are used in what should be a general context, but the tag function

joshuambg commented Jan 13, 2019

Consider this example for map['file1','file2','file3'], fs.stat, function(err, results) {
    // results is now an array of stats for each file

This basically tells me nothing except syntax. In most cases people aren't going to pass fs.stat. The examples should include use of all possible options. All examples for all functions and methods need to be updated. They

moon0326 commented Aug 29, 2018

Please answer these questions before submitting your issue. Thanks!

  1. What did you do? If possible, provide a recipe for reproducing the error.

read Chinese and English documentation

  1. What did you expect to see?

I expected to find best practice for production usage

  1. What did you see instead?


  1. What version of Swoole are you using (php --ri swoole)?


jonathanunderwood commented Dec 22, 2019

Describe the bug

Startup event handlers for sub-applications never trigger.

To Reproduce

from fastapi import FastAPI

sub_app = FastAPI(openapi_prefix="/subapp")

async def sub_app_startup():
    print("++++ Sub-app startup event")  # Never fires

app = FastAPI()

async def app_startup():
mlissner commented Apr 9, 2019

There's the easy way, which is just to document job.requeue() on the jobs documentation page:

I could be wrong, but I don't think that (super important) method is actually documented anywhere! I found it by searching the Github issues.

And there's the hard way, which would be to provide this information with a full example of u

eMZet-zz commented Feb 6, 2020

Kotlin multiplatform library: ktor-client-logging:1.3.0

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Problem: not able to filter calls to be logged. All calls are being logged by default.

Describe the solution you'd like
Add a filter option in Logging configuration block (this solution is available on Android in CallLogging feature, but it is absent

danieldaeschle commented Jul 15, 2018

We have a nice gitbook site which explains how to use various methods of this library.
What about documentation about the code itself? I dont' always want to read the code.

Isn't it good to write python docstrings and render a sphinx doc site additionally to the "Getting Started Documentation"?

denesb commented Dec 16, 2019

Memory management in a seastar application is a very important topic, as seastar applications are usually long running server applications that want to maximize the usage of memory as well as be resilient to memory fragmentation.
Add a section on this to the docs/ based on the lessons we learned at ScyllaDB. In a nutshell: when large buffers are needed prefer storing data in a chunke

matheusb-comp commented Feb 25, 2020

In the docs about supporting binary messages, it is stated that the controller should implement Ratchet\WebSocket\MessageComponentInterface.

However, if using Ratchet\App, when adding a new route with this controller, the WsServer is not created, since the [`$controller instanceof MessageComponentInterfa

adamchainz commented Dec 20, 2019

The "routing" docs page doesn't mention that Route() is for HTTP only and WebSocketRoute() is required for websocket endpoints. I found WebSocketRoute through examples on other pages but it woudl be good if it was fully described on the "routing" page.

abelsromero commented Nov 30, 2019

I am struggling to test a verticle isolated and all documentation and examples found only show how to test rest endpoints.

Something as simple as this, always fails with timeout

    public RunTestOnContext rule = new RunTestOnContext();

    public Timeout timeout = Timeout.seconds(5L);

    public void should_run_verticle(TestContext context) {
Bilge commented Mar 24, 2018

Trying to learn Amp is difficult for someone new to coroutines and async in the context of PHP. Although I appreciate the work that has been done on the documentation so far, I still find it lacking for giving good background to the topic and its use.

For me, it has been helpful to start thinking about the "async context". It seems to me that in Amp, in order to do anything with async you must

W1zzardTPU commented Jan 10, 2018

What do you think about adding an internal dependency called "document", that's triggered by document.ready?

I faced random issues with jquery dependencies until I realized my jQuery code now got executed before the DOM was ready. Clearly a coding bug on my side, but it got me thinking.

My current workaround is

loadjs(["..."], 'jquery-pre'); 
loadjs.ready(['jquery-pre'], function(
SevereOverfl0w commented Oct 24, 2019

I'm using neomake with the automake function, really like it. It strikes a nice balance between flexible, and sensible for common cases.

I really like most of the "outputs" of linting in response to automake (virtual text, signs), but I don't like the automake overriding the location list. If I have something else loaded into the location list (e.g. a stacktrace) then I want to keep it there

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