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joshuambg commented Jan 13, 2019

Consider this example for map['file1','file2','file3'], fs.stat, function(err, results) {
    // results is now an array of stats for each file

This basically tells me nothing except syntax. In most cases people aren't going to pass fs.stat. The examples should include use of all possible options. All examples for all functions and methods need to be updated. They

aftabnaveed commented Jun 1, 2018

PHP Version 7.1.9

The documentation says that Swoole coroutine cannot be used with xdebug, while developling applications xdebug is very helpful tool. For smaller application it may not be a problem but larger applications makes it necessary to use it.

My question is how can I debug applications while still using Swoole Coroutines ?

mlissner commented Apr 9, 2019

There's the easy way, which is just to document job.requeue() on the jobs documentation page:

I could be wrong, but I don't think that (super important) method is actually documented anywhere! I found it by searching the Github issues.

And there's the hard way, which would be to provide this information with a full example of u

eMZet-zz commented Feb 6, 2020

Kotlin multiplatform library: ktor-client-logging:1.3.0

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Problem: not able to filter calls to be logged. All calls are being logged by default.

Describe the solution you'd like
Add a filter option in Logging configuration block (this solution is available on Android in CallLogging feature, but it is absent

isaaczinda commented Jun 20, 2019

I believe that libevent has a dependency on OpenSSL (found this here). However, this isn't documented anywhere on the README and the lack of specifics here created a problem with my install on Windows 10. Steps to repro:

git clone
mkdir libevent/.build
cd libevent/.build
romantomjak commented Jun 23, 2018

Describe the bug
Docs never mention that Vibora searches for a folder named templates, additionally template rendering varies depending on where from you execute the file.

To Reproduce
Given the following folder structure:

├── project1
│   ├──
│   └── templates
│       └── index.html

When Vibora is run from root folder like so python3 project1/ it wo

denesb commented Dec 16, 2019

Memory management in a seastar application is a very important topic, as seastar applications are usually long running server applications that want to maximize the usage of memory as well as be resilient to memory fragmentation.
Add a section on this to the docs/ based on the lessons we learned at ScyllaDB. In a nutshell: when large buffers are needed prefer storing data in a chunke

CodiMech25 commented Jul 26, 2018

So, in the last 3-4 hours i was searching for a memory leak in my app. After a complete code-review of my application code i decided to make a new simple app built on Ratchet WS server and see, if the problem persists. And it did!

The problem was, that whenever i created a WS connection, the connection class instances built in the background of the Ratchet were not destroyed! So on every ne

abelsromero commented Nov 30, 2019

I am struggling to test a verticle isolated and all documentation and examples found only show how to test rest endpoints.

Something as simple as this, always fails with timeout

    public RunTestOnContext rule = new RunTestOnContext();

    public Timeout timeout = Timeout.seconds(5L);

    public void should_run_verticle(TestContext context) {

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