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declare namespace pMap {
interface Options {
Number of concurrently pending promises returned by `mapper`.
Must be an integer from 1 and up or `Infinity`.
@default Infinity
readonly concurrency?: number;
When set to `false`, instead of stopping when a promise rejects, it will wait for all the promises to settle and then reject with an [aggregated error]( containing all the errors from the rejected promises.
@default true
readonly stopOnError?: boolean;
Function which is called for every item in `input`. Expected to return a `Promise` or value.
@param element - Iterated element.
@param index - Index of the element in the source array.
type Mapper<Element = any, NewElement = unknown> = (
element: Element,
index: number
) => NewElement | Promise<NewElement>;
@param input - Iterated over concurrently in the `mapper` function.
@param mapper - Function which is called for every item in `input`. Expected to return a `Promise` or value.
@returns A `Promise` that is fulfilled when all promises in `input` and ones returned from `mapper` are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfilled value is an `Array` of the fulfilled values returned from `mapper` in `input` order.
import pMap = require('p-map');
import got = require('got');
const sites = [
getWebsiteFromUsername('https://sindresorhus'), //=> Promise
(async () => {
const mapper = async site => {
const {requestUrl} = await got.head(site);
return requestUrl;
const result = await pMap(sites, mapper, {concurrency: 2});
//=> ['', '', '']
declare function pMap<Element, NewElement>(
input: Iterable<Element>,
mapper: pMap.Mapper<Element, NewElement>,
options?: pMap.Options
): Promise<NewElement[]>;
export = pMap;