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Scala is an object-oriented programming language.
Demo Days - Empowering developers with GHAS
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Demo Days - Empowering developers with GHAS

August 14, 2020 • Virtual

A starter for using GitHub’s fully-integrated CI/CD to enable native application security features. Dive into GitHub Actions, code scanning, software composition analysis, secret detection, and policy enforcement.<br><br>Join the live stream at 11am PT
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Cirrus CI

Cirrus CI makes your development cycle fast, efficient, and secure by leveraging modern cloud technologies. Cirrus CI scales with your team and makes shipping software faster and cheaper.

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A proposta do projeto é uma aplicação que possa ligar quem deseja aprender, com quer ensinar. É possível encontrar alunos para o que você leciona, ou encontrar o professor para aquela matéria que você sempre quis aprender mais! Sem que haja nenhuma limitação de área!!

  • Updated Aug 7, 2020
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Code Inspector

Code Inspector is a code analysis platform that does automated code reviews, technical debt management and analysis of code quality trends over time. The platform aggregates multiple quality metrics (violations, duplicates, readability, complexity). The platform reports the $ figure of the technical debt and show trends of your code base. Code Inspector reports the most critical issues by distinguishing them according to their category, severity and location.

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