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Express is a minimal Node.js framework for web and mobile applications.
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bronze1man commented Dec 11, 2019

V version:
What did you do?

fn main() {
enum Color {
	red green blue

mut color :=
// V knows that `color` is a `Color`. No need to use `color =` here.
color = .green
println(color) // "1"  TODO: print "green"? 



unexpected token: `}`
    9| println(color) // "1"  TODO: print "green"? 
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milangfx commented Nov 27, 2019

I came across this endpoint in the wild, it was called by a Swagger UI to render the documentation for an API.

Can we add this to one of the lists? I didn't want to open a PR as I don't know which file (maybe more than 1?) would be best.
Maybe Discovery/Web-Content/quickhits.txt? or Fuzzing/fuzz-Bo0oM.txt?
The latter one already has api/swagger-ui.html, swagger-ui.html, swagger.json, etc whic

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pplive00 commented Nov 22, 2019

使用233一键脚本部署websocket+tls,访问大多数网站如google都正常,但就是不能访问日本乐天 ,页面空白且有提示Reference #18.ce7a4217.1574439975.7fe3759,后面字符串是随机的。查看服务器端errorlog,只有这个错误 2019/11/23 00:06:54 [Warning] failed to serve http for WebSocket > accept tcp [::]:21000: use of closed network connection;实在摸不着头脑,不知道哪里有问题

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patrakov commented Nov 18, 2019

The nss-myhostname currently says three important things:

  1. Various software relies on an always-resolvable local hostname.
  2. It is recommended to place "myhostname" last in the nsswitch.conf' "hosts:" line to make sure that this mapping is only used as fallback, and that any DNS or /etc/hosts based mapping takes precedence.
  3. With nss-myhostname enabled, changing /etc/hosts is unnecessary
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