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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) allows for easy interchange of data, often between a program and a database.
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ghost commented May 28, 2019

I was reading the Roadmap and saw that Centrifugo is deems too complex.
I agree.

But we need to think about the best way to support Subscriptions.
A Subscription needs to map to many users and then to each users in terms of a ACK. So you need a Mailbox per users subscribed to the Topic. At least thats how i think about it.

THen you have th properties for each mailbox and topic of:

  • Pres
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GitHub Actions Hackathon
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GitHub Actions Hackathon

March 05, 2020 - March 31, 2020 • Online

This four-week hackathon challenges the community to create original GitHub Actions.
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Waydev analyzes your codebase from GitHub to help you bring out the best in your engineers work.

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DuBistKomisch commented Jan 27, 2020

WIth yarn 2 about to become stable, it comes with pnp enabled by default, so postinstall scripts now have one more downside. Having a postinstall script forces core-js to be duplicated on disk unnecessarily, reducing the efficiency of yarn install in pnp mode, which could otherwise potentially perform no writing to disk.

I know you don't want to remove the postinstall script, but just point

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grochocki commented Jul 19, 2019

Problem Statement
Calculator currently does not have a settings page, which will block future work. The current about dialog is also inconsistent with many other Microsoft apps.

Evidence or User Insights
Many suggested features have suggested adding options in settings (#538, #486, #485, #393, #382, #215), and while we have not accepted all of these pitches, it is inevitable that ther

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Continuous security analysis

LGTM is a code analysis platform for identifying vulnerabilities and preventing them from reaching production.

LGTM automatically runs 1600+ standard analyses contributed by researchers from the Semmle Security Research Team and our customer community, including Microsoft, Google, Uber and Mozilla.

Quickly refine and run custom QL queries to find variants of known issues and prevent them from being re-introduced into your codebase.

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